Episode #1 “The Premier of Awesomeness” – Borderlands 2

On our inaugural episode of 2D1P, we decided to start out with a bang.  We invited our friends Concentus from SubSpace Radio, and Joker, who is my real life brother, and also formerly from SSR.
We played for about an hour together with newb characters in Borderlands 2.  Mostly it was Concentus charging WAY ahead of the rest of us (read Jahner and I because we’re newbs.)  Joker handled himself for the most part, but I however, died probably close to a million times.  I’m fairly certain I got an Achievement for how terrible I did!

All in all, it was classic Jahner and aCe, accompanied by two great guests.  The insults were fast and furious, with Mom jokes sprinkled in for good mesaure.

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