S02E02 “Ark’s Most Wanted” – Ark: Survival Evolved

In this 2nd Episode of Season 2, our intrepid explorers, and their special guests “Zero” and “Concentus” decided to revisit Ark: Survival Evolved.  There was tons of fun to be had as our hosts guest Zero hadn’t played Ark at all before.  Of course, our hosts had to teach her how to Poop on command which in turn led to its own 15 minutes of shenanigans.  Jahner was always getting separated and dying, Zero was running around trying to figure out how to put clothes on, and Concentus was the first person to have all the things before everybody since he’s so hardcore.

Our hosts have played this game before, last season and that episode can be viewed here: [Season 1: Bro’s before Dino’s].  This game continues to get better and better with every update.   Although currently there is some issues floating around with a lawsuit.  Here’s an excerpt from a Kotaku article which can be found here:  Game Studios Enter Legal Battle Over The Making Of Ark: Survival Evolved

In court filings obtained by Kotaku this week, Trendy’s lawyers allege that Stieglitz had violated contractual agreements not to compete with his former company and “not to solicit Trendy employees.” They also accuse Wildcard of “tortious interference” with those contractual agreements, claiming that these acts “have had a devastating impact on Trendy’s business” and arguing that Ark is directly competing with Dungeon Defenders both for players and developer talent.

The lawsuit, which is ongoing, is filled with allegations about Stieglitz and his involvement with Ark: Survival Evolved. Wildcard’s leadership has denied that Stieglitz played a major role in the game’s creation, but Trendy argues otherwise, and they’ve filed for “injunctive relief and damages” in the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida. On April 27, the court will hear arguments on Trendy’s most recent motion, which asks for a temporary injunction until the case is settled. If granted, the injunction could temporarily halt development on Ark: Survival Evolved and even force Wildcard to pull the game from Steam as the lawsuit continues.

Either way we hope things work out as this has been one of our hosts more favorite games to play.  Check out the links below to see all the action!


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