S02E04 – “Dudes In Space” – Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen

In this episode of Two Dudes 1P, our hosts initially decided to do some alien catching in Elite Dangerous.  However after noticing that it would be between 30 to 80 jumps to get to the area where aliens have been seen, it was quickly decided to instead buggy around on a planet.A bit about Elite: Dangerous from the Wikipedia entry:


Elite: Dangerous is a space adventure, trading, and combat simulation video game developed and published by Frontier Developments. Piloting a spaceship, the player explores a realistic 1:1 scaleopen world galaxy based on the real Milky Way, with the gameplay being open-ended. The game is the first in the series to attempt to feature massively multiplayer gameplay, with players’ actions affecting the narrative story of the game’s persistent universe, while also retaining single player options. Elite: Dangerous is the fourth game in the Elite video game series. It is the sequel to Frontier: First Encounters,[7] released in 1995.

So, while trying to land Jahner managed to blow up is ship crash landing, and when he finally did land, he did the one thing you really shouldn’t do… Shoot the drones.  That led to our hosts being chased away from their ships, Jahner loosing his buggy, and then loosing another ship because it crashed into the planet after being damaged from the drones.  All while aCe laughed!

After they played some Elite: Dangerous they decided to play some Star Citizen.  A little bit about the game from their Wikipedia entry:

Star Citizen is an upcoming space sim video game for Microsoft Windows and Linux.[4][5]Star Citizen is planned to consist of four main components: first-person space combat, mining, exploration, and trading with first-person shooter elements in a massively multiplayerpersistent universe and customizableprivate servers,[6][7] and a branching single-player and drop-in co-operative multiplayer campaign titled Squadron 42.[5] The game is built on Amazon Lumberyard.[8][9]

Both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are set in a 30th-century Milky Way centered on the fictional United Empire of Earth (UEE). A central theme of the game is citizenship – or lack thereof – in the UEE, which must be earned through player actions such as completing a period of military service. It is anticipated that citizens will enjoy certain in-game benefits, like paying a reduced tax rate, but the exact details are yet to be determined.[5][10][11]

A strong focus will be placed on player interaction, with player behavior influencing and being influenced by a dynamic economy system.[12]

Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are produced by Chris Roberts‘ company Cloud Imperium Games and its European counterpart Foundry 42 and marketed under the Cloud Imperium Games subsidiaryRoberts Space Industries.[13][14][15][16]

So our hosts decided to play some space mode stuff, where they fight wave’s of enemies.  Initially it was pretty fun, but they quickly realized their starter ships barely damaged the enemy ships.  They also noticed that the AI of the enemy ships was a little wonky at times, where they would only fly in circles.

All in all, it wasn’t the most exciting episode, but it’s one for the books, and gets our hosts back on the track of recording!

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