Where Are We???

So, you’ve checked us out on Twitter.

You’ve found us on Facebook.

You’ve found us on Google+

You’ve found us on YouTube

So where are the episodes?  Well, the plan right now, is to record 5 episodes so that we have a head start on things.  Scott and I both do this in our spare time, from our pockets, and thusly have to fit Life, Work, and Family around this, as they are priorities.  So once we’ve gotten a few more (we’ve got 2 “done” ) you’ll see them start popping up on here.

Want a tasty preview? Head on over to our TwoDudes1P Twitch Page.  You’ll find our episodes under old videos.  ?
Interested in joining us for an episode? Email us!


Anyways Find us, Like Us, Follow Us, Circle Us, and all that and spread the word ?

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